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Watch Me At Work

                                                     How it works

Here is an example of one of the many methods I can employ to obtain Hypnosis. In this case Keith wanted to stop smoking.


  •  First of all he must truly want to make the changes. Once that is agreed we can start the Hypnotherapy.

  • My role is to speak  to his Subconscious Mind. This area of the brain has all hidden reasons why we do what we do and why are who we are. It holds every memory in our lifetime. Imagine your life is like a film. My roles is to ask the Subconscious to edit that film.

  • Don't worry, I cannot add anything that you would consider morally wrong. Likewise I cannot remove anything you hold dear unless you want to remove it.

  • Now it's time to go into Hypnosis. Today I will be employing the 'Hand Stick' method. I ask Keith to put his hand on the arm of the chair and tell him to imagine it is stuck to that chair.

  • The Subconscious Mind will do as he asks and will give him the necessary sensations. The hand as far as Keith is concerned is now stuck to the chair. Once I have that "Oh my God" reaction I actually at this point have hypnosis but it requires to be made more powerful so I take him deeper.

  • Now I take him back to the day he smoked his first ever cigarette and remind him of how disgusting it was. His Subconscious will bring up all the sensations of that moment. The rest! Well see for yourself.

  • Enjoy.

Carly suffered with panic attacks. These could occur at anytime and in any place. She had had these since the age of 14. The final straw came when she had one on a train that had stopped in a tunnel. I had no idea as to why these attacks occurred and neither did she but more the point it didn't matter.


The subconscious mind knows why and has the answers as to how to deal with the issue. So here I applied hypnosis using the Magic Fingers method. We then went through a mental detox to remove trauma, negative thoughts, images or feelings.


Next, removing the issue and back filling with positive thoughts and feelings. The induction lasted about 45 minutes but I have cut the video down to 15 minutes. More session were required. If a therapist tells you they can "cure" you of years of trauma in one session I would be dubious. 


In this session we deal with quite a few issues but I have cut the video down to show us dealing with child birth trauma. The induction employed here is the stiff arm induction where the subject believes that they can no longer bend their arm and the hypnosis causing this effect is spreading to their eyes sending them in to trance.

Watch for the twitching of the arms when Carly is deep in trance. This happens when the mind is processing the information it is taking on and whilst making changes required. 

Arm twitch is not the only thing that can happen. The face can go flushed, the eyelids may flutter, fingers or legs may twitch. Whatever happens the subject is perfectly safe. There are tears in this video but there is also a happy ending.


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