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Mark Carter Reiki

Bringing power harmony and healing on a physical emotional mental  and spiritual level

About Mark Carter Reiki

Welcome to the  Mark Carter Reiki page. I am so happy that you have decided that Reiki is worth your curiosity. I have been practicing Reiki for two years now and originally trained in order to compliment the hypnosis element of my therapy business. I have found it to be so beneficial for myself and others.

Reiki is a complementary therapy which comes from Japan: Reiki means 'universal energy' in Japanese.  The idea is that there is energy all around us in the universe and when I connect to Reiki I connect to that energy and it goes through me and into you - it's not my energy.

Have you heard of the aura? That is the name for your body's energy field and when you receive a Reiki treatment then your body gets a boost and the Reiki starts to clear blockages. During the treatment I will work on your body's main energy points called Chakras - these are the same channels used in reflexology and acupuncture.

There will most certainly be many more questions which you will want answered about this powerful and exciting form of therapy and I will be happy to answer them for you. Make contact and lets get you on the path to healing and a more balanced life.

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