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Who I am

My name is Mark Carter and I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist and Reiki practitioner. I have served 30 years with the Emergency Services and stresses involved led me to want to help those suffering make a change for the better. My light bulb moment came after a conversation with a colleague who wanted help. Hypnotherapy was the resulting answer which led me to obtain a Diploma. It has changed my life and I would like it to change yours. Two years later Reiki would also become a part of my life. Take a look at my Reiki page for more about this fascinating form of therapy.
There are many disorders that I can help you with including sleep loss, smoking, phobias, stress, and anxiety. The list to a point is inexhaustible so because you don’t see your particular issue here does not mean that I cannot help you deal with it.
A family man with much life experience has made me very understanding and dare I say it very approachable. There are many misconceptions about Hypnosis which prevent people from trying this wonderful form of therapy. Give me a call and I will be happy to put your mind at rest.
Get in touch and let’s put you on the road to positive change.

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