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I was a guinea pig for Mark while he was training and I can highly recommend him.

I could sit and listen to his voice for hours and he makes you feel so comfortable.

If you have concerns you'd like addressed hypnotherapy is definitely something you 

should try. You won't be actually sleeping or 'wake up' thinking you're eating an apple 

when you're actually eating and onion or anything like that.

Go for it and reap the benefits.

Yvonne McAuley

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I'd had a fear of flying for years. I always wanted to cancel my holidays. The sessions were so relaxing, Marks voice was so calming. The whole experience was amazing. I was ready to go on a plane that night. I now fly without fear. I highly recommend Mark Carter Hypnotherapy. Relax and enjoy the sessions you'll miss them when they are over.

Karen O


I was actually sceptical about having hypnotherapy and believed it would not help. Mark worked on my biggest fears since my teenage years, height and roller coasters. I can now go on them with my nephews who missed not having me on them. Totally mazing!! I've been on a few since the sessions and totally love them. Thanks Mark.

Jacky Hall

Jacky goes on to give a video testimonial further down on this page. 

Ursula Marathon complete.jpg

Lots of people have asked me about this after I had the arachnophobia session and was playing with a spider by the end of the session. I had a sports motivation session last week, my experience of hypnotherapy is that you are able to alter your attitude and view in a calm methodical way, you examine how you approach things and as long as you don’t try and hinder the process you can change your outlook. Last week we focused on what was holding me back, focusing on the finish not the distance I still had to go and it made it way more pleasant than the last marathon despite more challenging conditions. Thank you Mark.



I bought Mark's Weight Loss Audio and having listened to it found it had a very professional feel to it. His voice is like liquid gold. He states in the audio that it is not important to hear all that is said which is a good thing as I found I was so relaxed I could not remember a thing that was said until the last line. I then fell asleep for four hours. I'm impressed so far, so watch this space as I will be back to let you know about my weight loss success. 

Jacqueline Anderson

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I have always been very sceptical about hypnotherapy, it was never something that I thought would work or help me. I took the plunge and had hypnotherapy with Mark for weight loss. Mark is seriously the most relaxing and comfortable man to be around. He made me feel at ease immediately and has a voice that is extremely calming.

All my fears soon disappeared after talking to Mark for a short time before my first session. Since being hypnotised I've lost a considerable amount of weight, I still have some to go but whatever Mark did on that day has definitely worked!It makes me think of food and over eating in a totally different way. 

Mark's Weight Loss audio is also amazing, if I feel I need a little boost then I listen to that and I'm back on track. I would highly recommend Mark, not only has he helped me lose weight, which I have battled with all my life, you will never meet more of a gentleman than him. 



Mark was kind enough to see me under his Free Forces Friday Scheme to remove long standing trauma which was impeding me. At 30 years I had also accepted my fear and anxiety and discomfort of public speaking to known people, such as briefing a team, conferences or a family wedding. It was one of those things that I 'just had to live with'...I was wrong.

I recently had a session with Mark to combat my fears of public speaking in front of groups known to myself. I have never had an issue in addressing groups of strangers in a public Policing situation or alike in my social life, however situations involving briefing colleagues/conferences and events such as speeches at weddings have caused me no end of anxiety and fear from a young age. As a result this caused me to avoid such situations and I would often remain silent, possibly giving an impression of ineffectiveness or lacking in care/interest. 

Mark's session involved suggesting to me that there was indeed no reason no to feel anxiety or fear in such situations and should therefore not be avoided. Within a few weeks I had an opportunity to brief a team of 40, a task I could have avoided without any negative consequence; I was able to successfully give a ten minute presentation to the team with only very slight apprehension during the initial lead up-far removed from the anxiety, fear and discomfort previously experienced!

I was able to turn the apprehension I felt into a positive feeling , assuring myself  that I was feeling this way because I was passionate about what I was about to deliver, which actually instilled further confidence in my own ability; this was another technique suggested to me during my session with Mark. I have since voluntarily immersed myself in further public speaking situations in the absence of those feelings that I had experienced and accepted for a number of years.

I have no doubt that the time spent with Mark has allowed me to address these issues and given me greater confidence on each occasion involving public speaking. Thank you.


I was introduced to Mark via an acquittance of mine. He'd quit smoking and lost two stone having seen Mark a couple of months before. He was full of it; how easily it worked for him, etc. But my ears pricked up when he said that Mark had actually seen his wife first to help her with anxiety.

So I wondered if maybe Mark would be able to help me with a deeply personal anxiety which had developed into full-blown phobia. This phobia wasn't spiders or snakes; it was a phobia that was affecting my everyday life.

I really warmed to Mark straight away because he's a great guy and loves to laugh. But most importantly he is  a consummate professional and passionate about what he does. I felt very safe with him.

The session went very well, and I felt an immediate shift, in that I didn't feel anxious generally. However the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I knew I would have to wait until a week after my session when I would come face to face with my biggest fear.

From the day of my session leading up to the big day a week later, I was in a couple of situation that I would usually run a mile from , but they went really well. so , I knew deep inside that I was going to handle the upcoming occasion well. There was no doubt in my mind.

The day arrives and I hate to sound arrogant, but I felt like the boss. No nerves, no worrying.....and it felt so natural. I can honestly say that I felt an inner confidence and calmness that I don't remember ever feeling in my life. Everything just flowed, and I could tell that people were drawn to me because of it. Long may it continue.  I cant recommend Mark highly enough. What have you got to lose! Life is short, so deal with your issues now.


Kim, Essex 







I had a session with Mark via Skype for sleep, or rather the lack of! Unable to switch off and relax the whole day’s woes would be going around in my head! Anyone who knows me also knows that I am sceptical and suspicious of most things but it really worked! I slept for 12 straight hours, thankfully it was the weekend or would have been very late for work! My bed now feels comfy and snug and once I go to my happy place there are no thoughts crowding my mind and I just drop off to sleep.

Thanks Mark x


January 2019


 I met Mark today, just by chance while I was on my tea break at work. We got to talking about Hypnosis and how I had had a bad experience in the past, whilst trying to address my life time phobia of snakes. Mark asked if I had 5 minutes and proceeded to begin a very short session. Within minutes I was covered in goosebumps but felt an overwhelming sense of calm.

The fear that I had rated as a  10 slowly started to fall..... Ending up a 1! After work purely by chance my son was watching a film, when a snake appeared on the screen. For the first time in over 40 years I felt no fear and had no reaction to seeing it. Although our meeting was by chance, I'm sure I will be contacting him in the future if I feel the need to. 

I would recommend a visit to Mark if you are struggling with something, just go with an open mind. Thanks again Mark. 


Shelley Phillips 

March 2019

IMG_1778 (1).jpg

 I first approached Mark after my daughter was suffering from anxiety which prevented her from concentrating when studying for exams. It had gotten so bad that I even approached the Doctor but didn't want her to have medication and alternative routes had long waiting lists. 

One session with Mark ensured that she was able to focus and actually began to enjoy studying and sitting the exams. He was so easy for her to talk to, and she felt so relaxed with him. I stayed with them throughout the session and was so pleased with the results. The beaming smile on her face after the session said it all. Roll on GCSE's next year!

Also since the birth of my son, I have suffered from hearing loss and Tinnitus. With Mark's help I was able to reduce the noise and at one stage, the noise actually disappeared  for the first time in 14 years! I cannot tell you how it felt to be noise free for the first time in ages. Even though some noise has returned, it is so much better than it was before. This continues to be work in progress. 

My Hay fever symptoms have also reduced since I had a session of Reiki with Mark. Antihistamines no longer worked and I was reluctant to have another steroid injection so wanted to seek and alternative solution. Fingers crossed this seems to have worked too. Thank you Mark you are a star.


Angela Mc

July 2019

I saw Mark for Reiki, I was a bit sceptical at first because I didn't really understand what it was. Mark made me feel at ease and after the session for the first time in a long time I actually felt relaxed. Further to this I actually had my first full nights sleep, something I had not had in very long time. 

Aches eased a great deal, and on top of this my anxiety became reduced. In fact, it reduced so much that I found I was able to achieve things that i could not achieve prior to seeing Mark. I will definitely be seeing him again.

Thanks Mark

Emma C

August 2019


My fear of flying had become so bad that I could not even look at a plane in the sky, let alone go to an airport. My anxiety had stopped us from 

holidaying abroad for a number of years - but - a few sessions with 

Mark Carter and all my fears "flew out of the window". So we have just

come back from a marvellous holiday abroad, and now feel totally 

different about it. 

I remember everything Mark told me, his calming voice and words stayed with me and I actually enjoyed flying. I cant wait to do it again. 

Thanks Mark


October 2019

IMG_2896 (1).jpg

I served in the Army Reserves for over twenty years. I had a full and varied reserve career including attachments to regular units across the UK and Europe. As well as operational tours in Bosnia and Iraq, I also served as part of the Military Provost Service. 

On the way back from a training camp in Scotland in 2017, I collapsed in agony. After several months I was finally diagnosed with T-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Chemotherapy and other drugs did not work. I was told to prepare for the fact that I might only have a very short time to live. As a last attempt, doctors tried a new form of stem cell therapy. Miraculously it started to work. I was finally discharged from hospital in April 2019.

Having experienced depression, I now see a counsellor for mental health. I believe that good mental health is key to recovery. It is important for your mental health to talk to others about how you are feeling - something that does not come easily to everyone in the military. 

I was malnourished and unable to eat for a year and half, so when I did start eating again I became fixated (addicted) to high levels of sugar which brought about further issues in relation to my gut and sleep. Mark is an old friend of mine who reached out and as veteran offered to take me on to his Free Forces Friday Scheme. At the time of writing this I had had one Hypnosis session with him which allowed a different thought process towards anything sugar based. This in turn has drastically reduced my sugar intake and contributed to my ongoing healing and recovery from major gut surgery and cancer.

Terry Cyrille

December 2019

Ange Port.JPG

I first me Mark whilst we were on a training course and he had mentioned briefly that he was a hypnotherapist. During the lunch break I was curious and asked him about how and why he got into this field and did it really work. (The pessimist in me - As I had had a fear of cats for over 30 years)

Let me tell you about me and my phobia of cats. I'd looked it up and it's called Ailurophobia which makes it a specific phobia: the persistent and irrational fear of Cats. "Irrational" yes the dictionary is right. That is exactly what it was. 

I went as far as spoiling my holidays ( and I love travelling to far off places) - going to Egypt (full of stray cats) and not being able to eat at outdoor restaurants because of roaming cats. On holiday in Turkey with my family I made such a scene at a lovely marina restaurant clambering over and standing on chairs screaming just at the sight of a cat. My heart was racing as I looked for a way out of that hell.

Walking down streets in Bulgaria, I preferred to walk in the road narrowly missing getting hit by cars rather than near bins, all because I had seen a cat on the side of the road in one of the bins, always fearing one would jump out at me. 

Evan before going into a restaurant my partner would have to check places out. (Sorry D!) I now know how  to say Cat in several languages as it was part of my preparation  routine for my holidays. "No Cat?" No Chat? No Paka? No Kotka? No Gato? My fear of Cats made me feel cats were watching me wanting to pounce of me . Every-time I saw a cat I would panic.

That was until Mark showed me in 5 minutes (during a break) how he works. I went straight home that night and fed my partners cat with him. That next day I did it alone. A few weeks later I Cat sat whilst my partner was away. I now see Cats and do not cross the road. I am now in Tunis ( a city with 2 million people and 1 million CATS!) and walked down Cat filled Medina's and haven't flinched once.  All I can say is Mark's Hypnotherapy works! Ask anyone in my family what I feared most and they would have told  you Cats. Not anymore. 

Thank you Mark, I can now enjoy my holidays to the fullest and don't care if I see a Cat. 


January 2020

Here one of my clients talks about her hypnosis experience with me to alleviate her anxiety and panic attacks. A big thanks to her for her input.  October 2020

This is Carly. Carly used to suffer severe panic attacks when on trains or in confined spaces. This totally destroyed her confidence. After a few sessions Carly is now anxiety free and is now doing a Law Degree. Have a listen to her testimonial.

October 2020

This is Jacky, Jacky's anxiety was related to a fear of Roller Coasters. This fear prevented her from enjoying her social time with her nephews. Having had hypnotherapy sessions with me her fear was gone and this was tested on a Roller Coaster ride in Southend. She then went onto go on rides in Thorpe Park.

October 2020

Charlie had a severe fear of dogs having seen an incident at the age of 2. Child Psychologists were unable to solve her anxiety. This is her video testimonial after 2 hypnosis sessions with me. A huge thanks for the testimonial Charlie.

November 2020

Sion had a fear of spiders and was not sleeping well. This is her testimonial in which she talks about hypnosis and her experience with Reiki which is a ancient Japanese healing method. 

November 2020

Anna struggled with extreme anxiety that stopped her going out and made her life in general a misery. She explains all including her experience with hypnosis. Thanks for sharing Anna.

November 2020

Debbie struggled with anxiety and this is her testimonial and part of her session: I was a bit apprehensive before the session with Mark but I really didn’t need to be as he was so lovely.


He took the time in the pre-meeting to get to know a little bit about me which made the session more personalised and explained everything as he was going through. I was totally amazed at how quickly he had me totally relaxed and responding to the hypnosis.


He has a lovely calm, deep and reassuring voice and instructed my unconscious mind to get rid of issues which were causing anxiety and stress. I could feel these issues lifting away and the session felt really emotional and cathartic. Afterwards I had a feeling of lightness and being less burdened.


I can remember the whole session and the suggestions he made in relation to positive actions have really stuck with me. Friends have already commented that my demeanour has changed and that I am smiling a lot 🙂 Thank you Mark

February 2021

Rita struggled with anxiety due to various aspects of her life. After four sessions she is now in a much better place and she has been kind enough to share her experience of hypnosis sessions and it's benefits

March 2021

 Gerri struggled with anxiety relating to various aspects of her life and 

here gives a lovely insight into her experience with hypnosis and the abundance of good it has brought into her life. 

Many thanks Gerri

March 2021

Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways. A fear, a phobia and this case there were several of which Kalsoom to whom I am very grateful tells us about her fear of lifts and her experience with kicking it with Hypnosis.

Many thanks Kalsoom

March 2021

Eleanor struggled with anxiety for quite sometime and this impacted on all parts of her life. This testimonial was made after only having had three of her four sessions. 

Many thanks Eleanor

April 2021

A huge thanks to Lloyd for this video testimonial where he talks 

about his struggle with anxiety and how hypnosis changed this. He also gives an insight into what hypnosis felt like for him. 


Many thanks Lloyd

April 2021 

Amy struggled with anxiety which had a further impact on her sleep. Here she explains her experience with hypnosis. 
Many thanks 

May 2021

Kirsten struggled with anxiety as a result of home and work life which culminated in panic attacks. Here is her testimonial. 

Many thanks for this Kirsten

June 2021

Emma gives a short and concise account of her experience with working with me. Really enjoyed working with Emma as she was so into making the change and showing what hypnosis can really do if you allow it. Enjoy.
A huge thanks for this Emma
July 2021 

Lindsey's anxiety stopped her going out with the girls as well taking her children out such was the severity of her anxiety. Now it's party time and the kids at the time of doing this testimonial had been taken to Lego Land. 

A huge thanks Lindsey for this.

July 2021

Chelsey struggled with anxiety which manifested in a fear of travel due to reasons which are explained in this short testimonial. Now it's out out out for dinners and parties here and abroad.

A huge thanks to Chelsey for this wonderful testimonial.

August 2021

Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways and here Lauren gives her
testimonial as to  how hypnosis helped her. As always a big thanks to Lauren and indeed all who take the time to give their testimonials. Being on camera is for some a trip outside of their comfort zone. 

A huge and grateful thanks Lauren 

August 2021

It's important to remember that Hypnotherapy is for all ages. It is a natural phenomena and Maureen gives a short testimonial and lovely testimonial of her experience clearing anxiety with which she suffered for many years. 

A huge thanks Maureen

September 2021

Dave struggled for many years with anxiety which took him to an 
all time low. Thankfully he reached a point where he knew something had to be done and so here he gives an insight into how and what it was like. 

Thank you so much for this Dave. 

September 2021

Many thanks to Ross for this great testimonial. We had a great laugh along the way. Whilst anxiety is a serious business it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the process of removing it. 

Many thanks for this Ross

October 2021

Ricky made it his goal to start his New Year right by saying goodbye to his anxiety. Here he gives an insight into his experience with hypnosis and the benefits gained.

Thanks so much for this Ricky 

December 2021 


Ellie struggled with Anxiety which manifested itself as an eating 
disorder causing her to further struggle with her social life and confidence.

Thanks so much for this amazing testimonial Ellie.

January 2022

James' anxiety had a very negative impact at work and decided that he had to do something about it. Here he gives an insight into the problem and how hypnosis became the solution. 

Thanks James 

February 2022

Ben was like many struggling with anxiety which caused all manner of problems including tics. Here he kindly tells  us how hypnotherapy changed his life and what his personal take is on hypnosis. 

Ben thanks so much for doing this.

(Apologies for some of the sound quality as I forgot to turn on my mic)

March 2022

Graham struggled with anxiety but was not able to have face to face visits for his sessions. Not a problem. Hypnosis works whether you are 6 feet or 600 miles from each other. All sessions were conducted via Zoom. 

The results were the same as Graham attests in his testimonial. Most people also believe that when in hypnosis you are unable to talk. Again Graham proves that this is not the case. 

Thanks so much for this Graham

April 2022

Laurent happily gives us his insight into his experience with hypnosis. A very pleasant affair with remarkable emotional changes which have been noticed by close family and friends alike. 

Thanks for doing this Laurent

April 2022

Teenagers are having a hard time. They're at a time in their lives when life should be one big party. COVID however has caused a major disruption and many have found it hard to adjust having come through the pandemic. That said it does not have to be COVID which has caused angst for young and impressionable minds.

This is a major concern for parents which is why I am delighted to show you this testimonial from Joe a parent whose son struggled with anxiety. Here we get a parents view on dealing with a Teenager with anxiety and how Hypnotherapy has helped readdress the balance. 

Joe. Many thanks 

May 2022

Frankee struggled with anxiety and in this wonderful testimonial she tells us about her experience with Mark Carter Hypnotherapy and describes the difference between this and another therapist she saw some years prior.

There is more than one way to apply hypnotherapy and it is interesting to hear who I differed. As she describes it, she now feels so much lighter. 

Frankee thanks so much for this. 

May 2022

Dean struggled with anxiety which can manifest in so many ways. In this case it became a fear of flying and the use of the Underground service. Due to the nature of Dean's work no video is possible but a heartfelt thanks to Dean for giving a written testimonial. 

What can I say about Mark. I just can’t recommend him highly enough. Over recent months I had been struggling with a fear of flying and being trapped inside a plane. It was the same with tube trains.

The thought of flying off on our first family holiday for years this summer began to fill me with dread and I’d wake up not being able to breath, sweating and with panic setting in. I was determined to do something about it and so I googled hypnotherapy and found Mark. After I watched some of Mark’s client video testimonials I was certain he was the right choice for me.

I had 4 sessions with Mark and can confidently say that he cured my fear. It’s absolutely amazing. I know this for a fact, because I’ve since flown on a short break and I was unbelievably calm throughout the flights, even with the airports so crowded.

I literally felt like jumping up and down and shouting “I’ve done it” which may sound mad, but if you are experiencing the same as I did, you will understand. I’m now really looking forward to the upcoming holiday and the flight too !

You will notice that much of the above is written in the past tense as this is all part of Mark’s reconditioning of the mind too.

Mark, you are a miracle worker and I genuinely can’t thank you enough.

June 2022

Anxiety can manifest in so many ways including bad sleep and social anxiety. Here Bradley addresses this issue.

Many thanks Bradley

June 2022

Phobias can bring about some of the most terrifying anxiety. That said as terrifying as it can be not all phobias require several sessions of hypnosis. In this case having assessed the case the phobia was removed in 10 minutes after a short pre-talk about anxiety, hypnosis and how they work. Here Laura gives a wonderful testimonial as to her experience. Going from a person who would sob if close to Butterflies to no longer being able to find the fear. 

Many thanks Laura.

July 2022

Young people can find it hard to express what they are going through when struggling with Anxiety. And it is because of this that it can have a huge impact on the family. 

In this wonderful testimonial Noah addresses this as my client and his lovely mother gives an account from the parenting side and how when the two collide the impact it can cause. 

Thank you so much for this testimonial Noah and Antonella.

September 2022

Anxiety can cause us to react around people in a way that can cause further strain. Here Lauren talks about her experience with anxiety and how hypnotherapy changed her way of thinking having let go of the deep set reasons of which she had no idea.

She also gives fabulous advice about finding the right therapist. 

Many thanks Lauren

October 2022

And so with October comes another happy client who has taken out the trash that was anxiety with the use of hypnosis. Kimberly's anxiety caused her to withdraw from friends and society and to immerse herself into work. You are not born with anxiety so if you let it in you can show it the door. 

You're a star Kimberly thanks for your input.

October 2022

Even with the most loving and close family support anxiety can bring about a sense of loneliness and isolation. It can literally sap your strength. Just being you or doing what needs to be done can become a monumental if not impossible task. Here Michael explains his experience with anxiety and how using hypnosis has brought him out of the other side. Giving him back that guy that he was. 

Many thanks Michael 

October 2022

You don't need a specific thing causing anxiety. Your anxiety doesn't have to be a life crushing experience either. It can be just feeling a little out of sorts which requires a little declutter as my client Gillian explains. She's now decluttered and firing on all cylinders. 
Thanks for this testimonial Gillian. 

November 2022

You are hardwired to only have two fears since birth and that is the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. These cannot be removed as you need them.

Everything else is either made up or learnt. So the beauty about any other fear or anxiety if ever there was one is the fact that it doesn't matter how long it has been in your life or for that matter what type of anxiety it is. You can dump it like a toxic relationship and Elise testifies in this awesome testimonial. 

Elise. Thank you so much for this. 

November 2022

Anxiety can cause a lack of confidence in things that you were once able to do so easily. But. It is only temporary. Always remember that your brain is hard wired from birth to keep only two fears. A fear of falling and a fear of sudden loud bangs. The rest is simply made up or learnt.

Either way they are not a permanent part of the mind. So of course you can clear those issues out. Here Lewis explains having a sudden lack of confidence in being in work meetings which led to panic attacks. 

Many thanks Lewis 

January 2023

A Traumatic birth can have far reaching affects for a mother as well those around her as Sarah attests in this wonderful testimonial.
But again the anxiety it can cause need not be a permanent part of your life. 

Only two things are hard wired into the mind from birth. A fear of falling and a fear of sudden loud bangs. Everything else is either made up or learnt. So a huge thanks to Sarah again for this lovely testimonial.

Thanks Sarah

Feb 2023

Anxiety is an odd creature manifesting itself in all sorts of ways. Apart from emotional it can manifest physically.

In this case James who gives a great testimonial explains how his anxiety not only manifested in feeling out of sorts but by way of physically tremors in the legs.

To completely remove a problem is not always the right thing to do. In this case the tremors have been brought down from a scale of 10 to say a 2. This way the client is now able to learn how to push such things out of his mind using what is left of the tremor as a training tool. 

Many thanks James

March 2023 

You get the job and wonder how. Before long you start to wonder if you really deserved the role. The anxiety sets in manifesting itself as Imposter Syndrome as Alice attests. Here Alice explains the issues and how hypnosis helped her get over this.

Many thanks Alice
May 2023


Anxiety can really impact your self confidence making you believe your decision making process is questionable. This can have a knock on effect at work and home as Stuart states in this lovely testimonial. 

Many thanks for this Stuart

June 2023


Anxiety will latch onto personal circumstance such a health scare, and turn the easiest task such as walking out of your front door into a major mental problem.

Jon gives an insight into this and how Hypnosis got him back on track in three weeks.

Jon. Thanks so much.

July 2023

You've seen stage hypnotists make people do odd things in a matter of moments. Is it possible to clear anxiety this quick with hypnotherapy?

Well changes can occur quickly but far more work is required in therapy and there can be emotional ups and downs as Claire explains in a brutally honest fashion. The end result though is worth the wait.

Many thanks Claire for this awesome testimonial.

August 2023

When you clear your anxiety it can have a profound effect on loved ones as well as for you. Lisa explains how her anxiety affected life at work and home and the difference after. 

Thanks Lisa for this amazing testimonial.

September 2023

Anxiety gone. Confidence regained. New skills and abilities found. Sonia did this and so can you as Sonia attests in this fab testimonial. It starts with a decision to pick up the phone and reach out.  

Thanks so much Sonia.

October 2023

Your anxiety will hit you where  you least expect it. In this case Karen was unable to drive and was extremely emotional for reasons that she could not fathom. Here she's gives a wonderful testimonial addressing these things. 
Thanks so much for this Karen.
November 2023


Even therapists need time out to re-centre and solve internal personal problems as Janis explains in this wonderful testimonial having lost confidence in her own abilities which then turned to anxiety. 

Thanks so much Janis for this and here's to your success in building your business.

April 2024

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